Diana is the brainchild of chef and owner Sammy , who discovered his passion for food after living in Orange past 10 years.

Sammy has since opened four restaurants in the premier food and wine region of central west NSW: Mr Sushi King, Orange (opened 2012); Mr Sushi King, Mudgee (2014); Mr Lim Korean/Asian fusion restaurant, Orange (2016) and Avido Ristorante, Orange (2019).

Sammy believe that his dish should reflect his life time experiences. Running 4 restaurants in Orange and Mudgee was wonderful journey in his life and still it is however he realised that  he needs to go  Sydney  to  further his journey. When the  perfect location became available  in Potts Point .He grabbed without hesitation and is ready to take on his next culinary adventure.

Diana is name after Sammy's friend Diana Shaw whom open his eyes into food and wine culture in Australia. Some people  might be thinking Diana is not a suitable name for an asian restaurant but he believes it is a perfect, meaningful name for this restaurant and he wants to remind himself where he came from.  

The atmosphere of Diana Potts Point evokes a mixture of old world running headlong into the future. A beautiful mix of Korean and Oriental cultures.